Vietnam today: How photography mirrors peace in Vietnam

A German photographer launches a comprehensive portfolio on the Internet

Frankfurt, Germany – On 30th April 2009, the end of the Vietnam War has its 34th anniversary. On the occasion of this memorable date, Tom Abraham, a repeatedly awarded photographer, gives a unique insight into the present social life in the so much devastated country. Punctually on the anniversary day, a complete Vietnam portfolio will be launched under www.peace-piece.com by the artist, who currently lives in Frankfurt/Main. It mirrors moments of the present life in Vietnam, and it documents the influences of the long lasting peace process as well as the cultural changes in the Asian country.

With more than 300 pictures, Tom Abraham’s portfolio is in this extent unique until now. The impressive photos were taken during a journey through Vietnam in 2007. They can be categorized into four topics: souls, culture, nature and outtakes. “The pictures deliver a wide-ranging but also a subtle insight into the country and its customs. Vietnam has been mourning the death of more than three million people – the second largest number of casualties since 1945,” Mr Abraham said.

With the launch of his website on 30th April the artist wants to stamp a mark for peace. The website’s design is mainly based on puristic elements. What is even more extraordinary is the presentation of his photos in two languages: English and Vietnamese. “I deliberately wanted to avoid language options in order to make a contribution towards an international dialogue,” so Mr Abraham.

About the artist

Tom Abraham (born in 1981) started his work as a photographer auto-didactically. He is familiar with Asian culture due to several journeys to Bali and adjourning regions during his studies. His existing portfolio (www.Individual.de) has already received international praise. So, Mr Abraham was awarded, for instance, the American Design Award and the Dope Award. His current cooperation partner is the artists’ platform seen.by, which is sponsored by Spiegel Online. There one can see a limited edition of his pictures.

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